·          Experienced software development professional – Oracle Certified Developer

·          Well versed in database technologies –ERD, Oracle Reports, Forms, PL/QL, SQL Server, T-SQL, Performance tuning

·          Experienced web developer– APIs, Python, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, Javascript, scripting languages




Senior Developer, Data Design Group, Inc.

Tallahassee, Florida January 1993 to Present



·          Assisted a pharmacy benefits management company in development of intranet for running company operations. Primary duties were: system design, database design, report design and implementation, form design and development. Development environment consisted of Oracle 10g, PL/SQL, Java, Salesforce.com API.


·          State of Florida - Lead developer for converting Classic ASP/Oracle applications to .NET/SQL Server environment.


·          Author of first WIKI engine written in Oracle PL/SQL. Wiki engine has advanced form and fill capabilities.


·          State of Florida contract developer for multiple Classic ASP and Oracle PL/SQL web applications over 2 years.


·          Provided assistance to an aviation consulting company in the development of Oracle-based applications. Designed and implemented forms and reports using Oracle Forms 6.x and Oracle Reports 6. to 9i.


·          Founder of ConvertCsv.com.

·          Developer of Hunter Education software for the State of Florida. Responsible for requirements gathering, database design, coding, implementation, and documetation of web-based system used internally for administering Hunter Education department and externally by public to enroll in Hunter Education courses. Development environment consisted of SQL Server, C#, Dot Net, HTML, Javascript. Trained client personnel on database concepts, SQL, and Sql Server.


·          Author of software product HTMLBasic- a web development language similar in syntax and capabilities of Microsoft ASP.Also author of WebBasic Interpreter- a BASIC language interpreter built for web development with enhanced capabilities for database access via ODBC and SQLite and Internet protocols.


·          Provided database expertise for banking software company – reviewed database model and software architecture, trained personnel in SQL and database concepts, later contracted as database administrator and developer for Microsoft SQL Server. Wrote T-SQL scripts as part of 3-tier architecture.



START Solutions, Inc.

Maitland, Florida . 1991 - December 1992.

Responsibilities      :


·          Lead software developer on a team writing a leasing and asset management application for the Leasing industry. Responsibilities include database design, coding, data conversion, SQL training. The development environment consisted of an Oracle RDBMS being used on an IBM RISC/6000 running AIX, and a client/server platform of DOS, Novell and OS/2.SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Plus, SQL*Menu 5.0 were main development tools.



Staff Coordinator, Cincinnati Bell Information Systems

Maitland, Florida . 1985 - 1991.

Responsibilities        :


·          System Architect for the development of a telecommunications management package.  Duties included design and code reviews, and software configuration management. The language used was C/C++ along with the Oracle RDBMS in an UNIX environment.


·          Supervised a staff of five in requirements gathering, design, coding, and testing of portions of a UNIX based private network management system. The software was coded in the C language with embedded SQL using Oracle RDBMS.




Computer Languages :

SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, C#, C, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Microsoft ASP/VbScript, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, Unix shells

Computer Applications :

Oracle RDBMS, and tools (Developer 2000, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, Toad,

            Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS (2012,2008,2005), SQL Developer, Microsoft Visual Studio, SQLite

Operating Systems :

Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, MS-DOS,  Mac-OS





Florida State University . Tallahassee,Florida.

B.S. - Computer Science


Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

Oracle Certified Developer (OCD)

Oracle Certified Database Operator