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Data Model for a Customer Data Platform for Digital Transformation   
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Customer Data Platform Layers Conceptual Data Model

Customer Data Platform
Run-Time Architecture

Customer Data Platform
Getting Started with Self-Service
--------Using Domo ---------------------------using ORCL
--------with Social Media ---------------------with Barry's KPI Framework
Approach to a Customer Data Platform
I am helping a number of Clients to undertake a digital transformation program, with a strategic commitment to be more customer centric.

The challenge is to evolve from being a product driven, B2B business into a services and contractual business with an evolution to become a B2C business model.

To achieve these goals, a programme has been established to drive a Customer focused CRM initiative, involving the implementation of Oracle EBS, SAP and Salesforce.

A team consisting of internal stakeholders and SMEs is usually created and can be augmented with additional skills in CRM, Data Governance, Data Modelling and Architecture.
I sometimes recommend 'Getting Started with Self-Service, by Gooogling for 'Self-Service a Customer Data Platform'.
This usually starts by building a Customer Data Platform
The UK Government has a good blog on "Building a Platform"

Functions of a CDP include :-

  • Collect and reconcile customer data about identities, profiles, purchase history, preferences, and transactions
  • Transform and augment this data into a 360 view of the customer with context, intentions, relationships, and interactions
  • Turn data into insights, with segments, scores, forecasts and recommendations
  • Connect in real time to the customer touch-points and turn those insights into increased conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • Our Plans
    The comments on the right will help you understand
    our plans for our Customer Data Platform.

    We will be adding Data Models for
  • a 'Do-it-Yourself' Customer's Journey
  • a Single Customer View
    Features include :-
  • Cross-device Profiles
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Touchpoints, including Online, offline, Mobile and Internet
  • Disparate Data Sources
  • Internet of Things
  • Omnichanel Customer Segmentation
  • Unified Customer View
    Interesting external links include :-
  • Progress Software asks What's your Plan ?
  • We have included features from :-
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Journey Mapping (Basic) and (Complex).
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Master Index
  • CRM Customer Metrics
  • Know your Customer
    Our Customer Experience Management Layer ensures a consistent User Interrface.
    Proof-of-Concept (POC)
    Priorities :-
    1) Create Reference Data
    2) Create Master Data
    3) Create Transaction Data
    4) Create Generic (Data) Platform
    Development Environment :-
    Oracle Login(dba/m3)
    Development Tools :-
    We will develop PoC Applications using Oracle with Apex and SQL, IoT and reviewed against (alphabetically) :-
  • Domo
  • IBM Bluemix Garage in London
  • NetSuite
  • Salesforce
    In the Conceptual Data Model on the left We have incorporated Data Models for :-
  • Know your Customer
  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers Ltd.
    London, England
    June 21st. 2016

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